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Digitales Zentrum Schwaben (DZ.S) is becoming Swabia's networking platform for founders, established businesses and science in the field of digital economy. We cooperate closely with Augsburg's and Kempten's universities in initiating and supporting digital business models. This gives digital start-ups a better start and helps to create an exceedingly open and positive attitude toward entrepreneurship. Two digital start-up centres in Augsburg and Kempten offer excellent opportunities for a good start. Additionally, we support the local economy between the Allgäu region and Northern Swabia when it comes to using digital technologies.

DZ.S's main focus in the economic region of Augsburg/Northern Swabia includes the Internet of Things and IT security. In the Allgäu region, we focus on digital tourism, gamification and advanced driver-assistance systems.
Target groups
  • All those interested in starting their own businesses
  • Digital start-ups
  • Providers of information and communication technology
  • Companies using these services
  • Development of ideas and | business models
  • Advancing innovations and | technologies
  • Transfer of knowledge | exchanging ideas
  • Raising awareness | qualification | training
  • Cooperation management | networking
  • Technology marketing
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